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About Us

Quality & Development

1. Design according to customers' requirements or samples and drawings:
  • Capability evaluation
  • Quality control plan
  • Toolings,dies,and jigs design and production
  • Prototypes production
2. Samples quality inspection and evaluation
  • Full dimension test: Calipers/Micrometers/CMM/CMM arm (in house)
  • Chemical/machanical properties test(in house)
  • Salt spray test (in house)

CMM center inspection


Spectrum test machine


Pull test machine


Impact test machine


Salt spray test machine


3. Mass production and process control:

Our engineers from headquarter visit all 3 plants every week to supervise all the prodcution escpecially for the key points.


4. Final inspection before shipment
  • QC control department of the headquarter is independent with the factory and is more like a 3rdinspection part. All the orders will be inspected before shipping.
  • In our 3 factories, we performed 100% inspection for the key dimensions